What It’s Like To Have A Wedding In Napa

Wedding In Napa

You’re planning your wedding and dreaming about what your favorite wedding venue would be for your wedding in Napa…you’re thinking you want something:

  • romantic
  • at a garden
  • in a vineyard
  • rustic
  • chic
  • modern
  • outdoor
  • indoor
  • at a winery
  • at an estate
  • a resort wedding
  • a destination wedding
  • in the hills
  • with a view
  • surrounded by vines
  • fun
  • intimate

You’re all over the place, but all of those can be used to describe Napa wedding venues and what it’s like to have a wedding in Napa.  No matter what type of wedding venue, what type of wedding style and what type of events you’re hoping to host for your wedding weekend, you can host that in Napa Valley.

One of the services we offer our couples is a customized wedding venue search.  This will help you secure the top Napa wedding venue of your choice by allowing us to hone in on what it is that you really want from your bullet list of 1000 different things.  Our exclusive design questionnaire is so intuitive, that we are able to find you a site and use it to refer the perfect wedding vendors in Napa.  We would really love to help you host a Napa wedding and whether you’re planning an intimate wedding for under 40 guests or you are hosting a blow out destination wedding celebration, let us know how we can help!  We are your perfect planning partner!


Napa Valley Weddings

Napa Valley Weddings

When planning Napa Valley weddings, it’s not uncommon to look at a lot of different wedding venues to find the one you love the most.  One of the best things about planning a Napa Valley wedding is the sheer choice of spots where you can host your event.  From small, intimate wedding venues for a small wedding of under 40 guests to large estates and wineries that can host over 200, each venue offers something completely different and unique to suit your tastes.

One thing we love about living and working in the Napa Valley and creating events here is the diversity of the area – we have it all.  Gardens, forests, wine caves, barrel rooms, wineries, estates, and luxury resorts.  The two weddings here show a diversity of not only style of event but also style of property, views and how you can totally transform a space into the wedding of your dreams.


Jennie & Dave’s Napa Valley Harvest Inn Wedding

Anne & David’s St. Helena Private Estate Wedding

Winery Wedding Venues

Winery Wedding Venues

Winery wedding venues offer you a unique opportunity to host your wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Whether you’re planning a Napa Valley wedding, a Sonoma wedding, Healdsburg Wedding, or Wine Country wedding elsewhere, choosing to host your wedding at winery wedding venues creates a built-in sense of style.

What we love most about winery weddings is that you can host a wedding that is casual with a family style dinner service or have a black tie affair, they are very versatile to create your own personal style within their vines.  One thing that I love most about creating events at wineries is that we are able to turn the farm-to-table wedding into a glorious reality.  Setting up kitchens in the vineyard, we are able to work with caterers to create receptions that are on par with the top restaurants.

And the views are often unparalleled – acres upon acres of vines stretch as far as the guest’s eyes can see, creating a panoramic background and foreground for wedding photos and the most gorgeous “golden hour” a photographer has ever experienced.

Guests never forget a wine country wedding held at a winery, either.  It’s the kind of wedding that they will talk about for years to come.

Check out just a few of our favorite weddings held in wineries:

Healdsburg Winery Wedding:

Sonoma Winery Wedding:


Wedding Planners in Sonoma

Wedding Planners in Sonoma

wedding planner in sonoma


Being wedding planners in Sonoma gives us access to some of the most beautiful Sonoma wedding venues for our couples.  When you hire us as your Sonoma wedding coordinators, we help you with everything from finding the perfect wedding venue, selecting the vendors that match your style and your preferences and provide full-service floral design and decor services.  We help with the RSVPs and making sure that the guests arrive at the wedding site safely and comfortably.  There’s nothing that we will not help you with when you hire us to be your Sonoma wedding planners.

Sonoma offers couples so many different and unique locations and venues including private estates, winery weddings, redwood forests and organic farms and barns.  Even if you’re planning a destination wedding in Sonoma, we make sure that we optimize your time and expense when traveling for the planning.  Our services are inclusive, also, of all of our time to plan and manage all of the minutiae.

Finding a wedding planner that you can work with is imperative….consider personality, vision, and ability to create the wedding that you are looking for along with the associated costs of the planner.  Choosing strictly based on cost can turn into a disaster if you have a planner that is not skilled at negotiating the tricky in’s and out’s of a wedding in Sonoma.

One of the best things about working with Sasha Souza Events is that you will work with Sasha and Mellysa on your wedding – we don’t give you a different planner, we are your planners, so you can rest assured that we put all of our knowledge, skill, and expertise to work for your wedding.

Tara & Michael

Lainie & Michael



Wedding Planners in Napa

Wedding Planners in Napa

When looking at hiring wedding planners in Napa, you will have a lot of companies to choose from.  We offer a unique set of services, unparalleled attention to detail and guarantee you will work with the owner of the company on your wedding.  When you hire Sasha Souza Events as your wedding planners in Napa, we begin by sending you a 10-page design questionnaire so that we can really get to know who you are, what you want and the direction that we will go with you.

Whether you are planning on having 2 guests or 500 guests, our attention to detail is the same, and we offer a variety of services collections, along with customization so that you can choose the services you really want and need.  As a company that only plans up to 20 wine country events per year, you know that we will always give you the personalized attention that you really want.

We are also known for our floral design and use of color and texture, our weddings stand out because they are incredibly tailored and detailed to the couple.  Further, our planning processes make it extremely easy to translate exactly what it is that you’re looking for.  We manage all aspects of your Napa Valley wedding and we would love to provide you with a customized quote for services!

Sasha Souza Events is an award winning event planning company considered one of the top event design & wedding coordination companies in the US. Sasha Souza Events has offices in Napa Valley, Sonoma, San Francisco & Los Angeles