Psychology of Color

Color Defined

Color: col·or ( P ) Pronunciation Key

Function: noun

Definition: pigment

Synonyms: blush, cast, chroma, chromaticity, chromatism, chromism, colorant, coloration, coloring, complexion, dye, glow, hue, intensity, iridescence, luminosity, paint, pigmentation, polychromasia, saturation, shade, stain, tinct, tincture, tincture, tinge, tint, undertone, value, wash.

Sasha Souza Events Defines Color

Color is an important element in our lives. It has been a part of the natural world since the beginning of time, yet we continue to be fascinated by the mysterious nature of this subject. Our personalities can be reflected in our color choices. We use color to convey emotion, visually communicate, symbolize ideas and represent our cultures. Sasha Souza is often referred to as the coordinator who loves color… and uses it in unique ways to convey her client’s taste and style.

Read below to find out about what your favorite colors say about you.

Color Guide


Red, the single most dynamic and passionate color, symbolizes love, rage and courage. Demanding attention, red has great emotional impact. Those who select red are aggressive, impulsive and strive for success. The desire to experience the fullness of living leads to constant activity.


Pink, emotional in character, connotes a sensitive heart. Universally representing caring and sharing, pink indicates a strong personality. The affectionate and concerned individual prefers pink. Gently, you offer love, attention and nurturing to those in distress.


Orange is the color of autumn, spice form and design. In bright tones, orange is jovial, cheerful and playful. Deepened, it becomes exotic and exciting. If orange is your choice, you have abundant energy with an eye for structure and organization. Your social nature finds you surrounded by family and friends.


Brown, sensuous in nature, represents an importance of hearth and home. It symbolizes physical comfort, ease and contentment. Should you seek brown, you are conscientious, steady and dependable. Your inner security, honesty and high virtue show that you take life seriously.


Yellow is truly joyous and virtuous in its purest form. Yellow exudes warmth, inspiration and vitality, and is the happiest of all colors. Yellow signifies communication, enlightenment, sunlight and spirituality. If your favorite color is yellow, this indicates that you look forward to the future, and that you are intellectual, highly imaginative and idealistic. You tend to have a cheerful spirit and have an expectation of greater happiness.


Green is the color of life, and represents freshness, security and tranquility. Green creates an atmosphere that is calm and restful, and characterizes the intense power of nature. If you selected green, you seek stability, balance and persistence. You are a moral and affectionate individual.


Cool and constant, teal indicates stability and resistance to change. If teal is your favorite color, you are a sensitive individual, and have excellent taste. Optimistic and trusting, you have a high degree of faith and hope, easily trusting others.


Violet, the color of luxury, indicates sensuality, passion and depth of feeling. This lavish color creates an unusual atmosphere and provides an unexpected essence. If you like violet, you tend to be unique, highly sensitive and observant. Creative and artistically talented, you tend to have a complex personality.


The cold influence of grey keeps it foreign, remote and distant. Grey is preferred by those individuals who put their noses to the grindstone. If grey is your favorite color, you tend to be a careful, articulate individual who is focused and dedicated to your commitments.


The color of tranquility, blue is cooling, soothing and orderly. The color of royalty, blue brings comfort and serenity to our lives. If you choose blue, you have a basic need for a calm, harmonious and tension-free existence. Capable, conservative and sensitive to others, you make a loyal and trustworthy friend.


White suggests goodness, purity and innocence. Its elusive nature provides serenity and the essence of perfection. The individual who chooses white as a favorite color seeks excellence and enlightenment in all philosophies. Simplicity, purity and recognition are a constant endeavor.

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