Signature Sasha: Master Wedding Designer

Signature Sasha Promo WEI from LoveSpun Handmade Wedding Films on Vimeo.

We’re so excited to partner with The Wedding & Event Institute to offer: Signature Sasha: Certified Master Wedding Designer Course to our peers in the event industry with two years experience or more!  The next class start date is January 14! Watch the amazing intro video produced by Lovespun Handmade Wedding Films.

We have never offered a class like this one!  Check out the detailed info below and sign up today!

Price:  $1,496 or 4 & 10 month payment plan available

Format:  E Learning
Level:  Diploma equivalent
Study Time:  350 Hours
Requirements:  2 Years+ Industry Experience

Sasha Souza is one of the most acclaimed event designers in the world and we are proud to announce the launch of her first course, Signature Sasha: Certified Wedding Designer Master Course. The course is brought to you in an exclusive partnership with the Wedding and Event Institute. Sasha is the recipient of numerous awards including the Special Events Magazine Gala Award winner for “Best Dining Tabletop Design”, Event Solutions Magazine “Designer of the Year” and three ISES Westie Awards and was named by Modern Bride magazine as a “Top 25 Trendsetters” in the wedding design industry. Sasha is a regularly featured media celebrity wedding and event designer and she is a regular speaker for Event Solutions, Eventology and ISES events across the U.S. and Canada, and speaks internationally which has taken her as far a Tokyo, Japan to talk about the hottest trends in event design.

Sasha Souza is one of the premiere event designers and a top innovator in the wedding industry and this course provides the opportunity for students to learn first hand through a series of podcasts, webinars and case studies from a world renowned expert. This course is perfect for those looking to take their business to the next level as they will learn using five unique weddings, as showcased in Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design. Students will learn through Sasha’s processes & knowledge which will be broken down based on her experience in working with high level, high touch clients. All case studies will be based on a mix of current weddings covering the following:

  • Advantages
  • Challenges
  • Logistics
  • Stories

Each of the Case Studies of Five Weddings will include the following types of weddings:

  • Outdoor Wedding
  • Farm or Vineyard Wedding
  • “Black Box” Transformation
  • Multi Day Wedding Event
  • Public Space Wedding

The course is broken down into 10 Units and at the end of each will be a small assessment to ensure complete understanding from the student before progressing to the next unit. The final unit is the main project and assessment and will determine the student’s successful completion and graduation from the course. Upon completion the student will receive a Certificate signed by Sasha Souza and the title of “Certified Wedding Designer” CWD.


Two apprentices will be chosen by Sasha twice per year to work at an event chosen by Sasha based on the instructor’s assessments of final exam.

The program consists of a 2-day agenda where the winners will follow Sasha & her team to learn by being hands on and implementing one of their client’s weddings. The Apprenticeship includes a full day at the Northern California office the day before an event, performing and attending the wedding rehearsal and assisting with the facilitation of the actual wedding day. The Apprentice will have one on one time with Sasha during the day prior and at the event to learn how she handles her events and learn WHY the design choices were made to make the event extra special. This unique opportunity has never been offered before and is offered exclusively through the Signature Sasha: Certified Wedding Designer Master Course.

Get more information about the Wedding & Event Institute class and sign up now!  I will be personally grading the first 20 students!

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