Bay Area Bat Mitzvah Designer

Bay Area Bat Mitzvah Designer

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are one of the greatest joys of planning events.  The celebration is a wonderful coming of age and being a bay area bat mitzvah designer provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. For Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah, we celebrated her at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park with 200 friends and family.  Her event was a perfect mix of modern patterns and rustic touches.

The family of the child who is becoming a bat mitzvah works for years to get them to the bimah to perform their Torah reading and ceremony.  It’s a labor of love and faith that are steeped in tradition.  When hiring a Bay Area Bat Mitzvah designer, you will want to find somebody who has a handle on the tasks and on the traditions. Whether you’re going to make a motzi or you’re going to have a havdalah, our experience matters!  For Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah we wanted a very fresh and young palette which could be enjoyed by both adults and kids!

We would love to help you celebrate your child becoming a bar or bat mitzvah!  Get more information by filling out our information request form!

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