Napa Winery Events: Crocker & Starr Winery

Napa Winery Events – Crocker & Starr

When it comes to being creative for event design, Napa winery events give you the most flexibility!  For Crocker & Starr winery, we have designed their “Carnivus Maximus” event for the past 3 years. We were able to take it from an event that was a mediocre guest experience to an absolute “must attend”

One thing we love about Napa winery events is that we are given a lot of creative freedom – especially when the winemaker/owner understands their brand and how best to showcase it.  When we walked into designing this event, it already had a number of showcase items that we wanted to keep like the pig roast, pizza oven, huge paella, and band – but everything else was up for change and improvement.  We started by increasing the footprint of the event, making it larger and using the colors of Crocker & Starr for our linens, we added a live actor to do the calls to action and photos with guests (instead of the cardboard cutout they had been using), created a better flow to the guest arrivals and added a charcuterie station, snowcones with elevated flavors, and center stage to make announcements and capture guest attention.  Overall the changes were so successful that Crocker & Starr has added a 20% increase in guest count and we have been invited back for what will be our fourth Carnivus year.

We would love to increase the guest value of your events!  Let us know how we can help!

Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Planner


We’ve had the privilege of being the destination wedding planner for several couples who wish to be married amongst their closest family and friends in Hawaii, Mexico, Lake Geneva, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Malibu, Palm Springs, Miami, the Hamptons, the Bahamas, the Caribbean or anywhere else that you could ever imagine.  Our adventures in planning weddings and educating the wedding industry have spanned the globe and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the opportunities that have come our way.   One thing that we have done that has created so much success is always finding a vendor team that works well with our vendor team.

In most of our destination weddings, we have brought our own planners and floral designer with us.  It’s made the events more cohesive, we’ve been able to successfully get the flowers and decor that the client has requested, and we have been able to include our core staff along with local staff to make the event successful.  The photographer and videographer have traveled with us and on occasion, we’ve even brought our own cake baker if the couple wanted something that was unbelievable and there were not resources where we were.

There are always vendors that we want to work with that are local and that have the ability to implement a successful event.  We are particular about the caterers that we work with – we want to be able to incorporate everything the couple wants but have the same refinement in service that you would find for an event in our own backyards.

Ultimately, though, we want the guest experience to be excellent – from the time that they arrive onsite through their departure, we are making sure that every detail is attended to.


Hawaii Destination Wedding Planner

Mexico Wedding Planner

Dillingham Ranch Wedding Planner


What It’s Like To Have A Wedding In Napa

Wedding In Napa

You’re planning your wedding and dreaming about what your favorite wedding venue would be for your wedding in Napa…you’re thinking you want something:
  • romantic
  • at a garden
  • in a vineyard
  • rustic
  • chic
  • modern
  • outdoor
  • indoor
  • at a winery
  • at an estate
  • a resort wedding
  • a destination wedding
  • in the hills
  • with a view
  • surrounded by vines
  • fun
  • intimate

You’re all over the place, but all of those can be used to describe Napa wedding venues and what it’s like to have a wedding in Napa.  No matter what type of wedding venue, what type of wedding style and what type of events you’re hoping to host for your wedding weekend, you can host that in Napa Valley.

One of the services we offer our couples is a customized wedding venue search.  This will help you secure the top Napa wedding venue of your choice by allowing us to hone in on what it is that you really want from your bullet list of 1000 different things.  Our exclusive design questionnaire is so intuitive, that we are able to find you a site and use it to refer the perfect wedding vendors in Napa.  We would really love to help you host a Napa wedding and whether you’re planning an intimate wedding for under 40 guests or you are hosting a blow out destination wedding celebration, let us know how we can help!  We are your perfect planning partner!


Napa Valley Weddings

Napa Valley Weddings

When planning Napa Valley weddings, it’s not uncommon to look at a lot of different wedding venues to find the one you love the most.  One of the best things about planning a Napa Valley wedding is the sheer choice of spots where you can host your event.  From small, intimate wedding venues for a small wedding of under 40 guests to large estates and wineries that can host over 200, each venue offers something completely different and unique to suit your tastes.

One thing we love about living and working in the Napa Valley and creating events here is the diversity of the area – we have it all.  Gardens, forests, wine caves, barrel rooms, wineries, estates, and luxury resorts.  The two weddings here show a diversity of not only style of event but also style of property, views and how you can totally transform a space into the wedding of your dreams.


Jennie & Dave’s Napa Valley Harvest Inn Wedding

Anne & David’s St. Helena Private Estate Wedding

Winery Wedding Venues

Winery Wedding Venues

Winery wedding venues offer you a unique opportunity to host your wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Whether you’re planning a Napa Valley wedding, a Sonoma wedding, Healdsburg Wedding, or Wine Country wedding elsewhere, choosing to host your wedding at winery wedding venues creates a built-in sense of style.

What we love most about winery weddings is that you can host a wedding that is casual with a family style dinner service or have a black tie affair, they are very versatile to create your own personal style within their vines.  One thing that I love most about creating events at wineries is that we are able to turn the farm-to-table wedding into a glorious reality.  Setting up kitchens in the vineyard, we are able to work with caterers to create receptions that are on par with the top restaurants.

And the views are often unparalleled – acres upon acres of vines stretch as far as the guest’s eyes can see, creating a panoramic background and foreground for wedding photos and the most gorgeous “golden hour” a photographer has ever experienced.

Guests never forget a wine country wedding held at a winery, either.  It’s the kind of wedding that they will talk about for years to come.

Check out just a few of our favorite weddings held in wineries:

Healdsburg Winery Wedding:

Sonoma Winery Wedding:


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