Celebrity Weddings – Wedding of Zach & Kiele

Celebrity Wedding Planner for Zach Gilford & Kiele Sanchez

A lovely winter’s day.  Some of the most meaningful vows we’ve heard.  The wedding of Kiele Sanchez & Zach Gilford was an affair driven by simplicity, devotion, understated details and beauty.  For the week ahead of the wedding, the area received over 7″ of rain – abnormal for the time of year – so we constructed a clear tent so the couple could get married under the old oak tree that made them fall in love with the location.  They wanted to see the tree and the surrounding natural beauty of the area during their vows.  They felt connected to it.  What was most important to them that day was that neither their friends or they needed to be “celebrity” – the limited guest count of 74 assured that those in attendance were the closest to them and would laugh & cry tears of joy with them as they celebrated their marriage and their future.

The wedding had its challenges:  temperatures in the teens at night that made our propane tanks freeze, muddy areas to be avoided, lengthened cocktail party to allow for the couple to take the perfect natural light photos… but ultimately despite of the cold, it was simply the warmest winter event we’ve ever had.  The snow-capped mountains {yes, it can snow here in the winter}, the cozy ceremony tent, the blankets for all the guests to keep them warm, the late night roaring fire with apple pie moonshine all little details that created a comforting environment for people to let down their hair and just be themselves.

To see how their Pinterest board reflected their wedding, check out our board created for them: Sancho & the Bear. 

It was an honor to work with them on their wedding.

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