Elegant Garden Soiree

Event Overview:

As guests arrive at the resort, they are escorted to the glen. The ceremony, set in the shadiest part of the lawn, was setup with white toned chiavari chairs slightly rounded to allow for all to have a great view. The ceremony was stunning with a golden toned gate standing as the background and laden with flowers growing from the base and up the sides. Down the aisle, low toughs of flowers look like a natural garden pathway and the aisle is carpeted in white & cream petals. The ceremony was dreamy and intimate. For dinner, a large mossed tent structure was setup on the lawn with dining tables in rounds, squares & long feasting tables. It was under this tent frame that the magical night was focused. All the flowers on the tables reminded guests of an enchanted garden setting. With large arrangements in tones of whites, creams & greens on top of beautiful green tablecloths and stunning white chairs. The contrast will be fresh and fun. Guests dined from different stations during the evening to enjoy world-class cuisine in a world-class venue. After dinner, the reception room will be the place to celebrate the evening. A great band and DJ combination will keep the dance floor full but the décor will be a focal point. Beautiful tones of fuchsia and plum will be highlighted throughout in the linens, lighting and flowers. This kicked the party into high gear while guests danced the night away and left with a  feeling they had been to the best wedding ever.