Made in ’73 – 40th Birthday

As guests arrive at the castle for an amazing experience celebrating the birthday girl, their first vision was of the “Made in ‘73” projection on the side of the castle.  As they crossed toward the castle, the light from candles leading up the pathway, stairs, and across the drawbridge brought them to a grand entry where they were greeted by a flute of sparkling wine.  The guests will cocktail on the upper terrace (or in the chapel, weather dependent) where the walls are lit in tones and patterns of the 1970s.  Tables are draped with linen in tones of avocado green & mustard and accentuated with macramé & yarn accents.  A ‘fondue’ station awaits them along with passed hors d’oeuvres and a wine bar.  The guests can sit in a lounge or stand and mingle at their leisure.  The music will be funk & disco played by a disco keyboard.   The guests will dig it.


At approximately 7:30 p.m. the guests will be invited for a tour of the Castello underground on their way to the Grand Barrel Cellar.  In the Cellar, the space will be “totally rad” in 80’s regalia with bright pops of fluorescent colors from hot pink to chartreuse.  The first course stations will be on the perimeter and served by uniformed chefs.  The lighting will continue the 80s theme and guests will have a choice of cocktail tables or lounge furniture to enjoy their first course.  A wine bar will be setup for them to choose one of the many splendid wines served that evening.  The music will provided by an “acoustic 80’s guitar” and will be new wave & metal in nature.


An hour after they arrive in the Barrel Room, guests will be invited to head back to the main level of the castle where they will enter the ornately painted Great Hall.  The area will have a 90’s vibe to it for the sitdown entrée course.  The saturated colors of lime green, turquoise and coral will reign supreme.  The space will feel like it’s “all that and a bag of chips”  Music will be provided by a funky-fresh 90’s string duo.


For the dessert finale, taking Jennifer into the next decade of her life, the event will feel chic and elegant – a bit grown up with fun thrown in.  Linens in tones of sage, gray & apricot with lounge furniture & a “Game of Life” themed birthday cake will end the night.  The music will be a culmination of popular, contemporary music played by guitar & piano which is eclectic and memorable.  We will do a slideshow/immersion technique of projection of images from Jennifer’s life on the walls of the castle to create a unique look back at her first four decades.


We look forward to creating this original, one of a kind event for Jennifer’s life in 360!