Napa Winery Events: Crocker & Starr Winery

Napa Winery Events – Crocker & Starr

When it comes to being creative for event design, Napa winery events give you the most flexibility!  For Crocker & Starr winery, we have designed their “Carnivus Maximus” event for the past 3 years. We were able to take it from an event that was a mediocre guest experience to an absolute “must attend”

One thing we love about Napa winery events is that we are given a lot of creative freedom – especially when the winemaker/owner understands their brand and how best to showcase it.  When we walked into designing this event, it already had a number of showcase items that we wanted to keep like the pig roast, pizza oven, huge paella, and band – but everything else was up for change and improvement.  We started by increasing the footprint of the event, making it larger and using the colors of Crocker & Starr for our linens, we added a live actor to do the calls to action and photos with guests (instead of the cardboard cutout they had been using), created a better flow to the guest arrivals and added a charcuterie station, snowcones with elevated flavors, and center stage to make announcements and capture guest attention.  Overall the changes were so successful that Crocker & Starr has added a 20% increase in guest count and we have been invited back for what will be our fourth Carnivus year.

We would love to increase the guest value of your events!  Let us know how we can help!

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