Napa Event Designer Discusses Weddings & Events in Color

Napa Event Designer & Color in Weddings & Events

The colors you choose for your wedding, for your brand and for your favorites reveal a lot about who you are and your deepest needs. This color personality test by The Colour Option is an easy reference guide to find the hidden language behind your personality.  Colorful weddings have become our signature style because we take clues from our couples and clients to create an event that fits their personalities.

One of the questions we always as our clients is…”What are your favorite colors or color combinations?” This gives us rich insight into who they are based on the use of color personality.

While some wedding couples go more toward the trends for their wedding colors, we prefer to infuse your personal favorites because it allows us as designers to create an event that speaks both to who you are and what you love.  Go ahead and try it – I’ll bet it’s pretty accurate for you as well.  It’s even more fun to try it on clients. 🙂

It’s shockingly accurate, also.  My favorite colors (right now) are turquoise and grey.  All of the descriptions speak to what I hear others say about me and how I feel about myself.


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