Colorful Weddings By A Top Wedding Planner

Top Wedding Planner

As Napa’s top wedding planner, we love creating colorful weddings for our clients.  Even with the light & airy colors of blush, rose gold, cream, and greens being popular in recent years, our clients have asked for more color, more texture, and more saturation in order to make their events stand out from those of their friends and family and to create trends in the industry.  Sometimes that color is in saturated velvet linen or in brighter blooms on the table or amazing lighting during dancing. No matter how you choose to incorporate color and texture when you hire a top wedding designer and you trust them to help you develop your wedding design ideas you’re more likely to have a one-of-a-kind wedding and experience for your guests.

Believe it or not, we don’t have any favorite color combinations because we get our color clues directly from our clients.  From an extensive design questionnaire and visual clues provided through Pinterest and tear sheets, we develop the colorful palettes by asking all the right questions.  Working with us and your event design team on your wedding ideas also ensures that you have a common thread throughout your event – whether that be color, design style, or a theme – we’re working with you directly and not making decisions for you because our relationship is one of collaboration and not of simply taking over your wedding without your opinion on the overall look, feel, and flow.

photos by Stephanie Brazzle

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