Wedding Industry Color Expert Talks About Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

Wedding Industry Color Expert & Pantone Color of the Year

Wedding industry is all aflutter about color choice

What say you about the Pantone “color of the year”?  They call it greenery… it’s pretty much lime meets matcha green tea, at least in my eyes.  But on my Instagram, the comments range from “Love it” to “Already Over It” to a solid “No.”  – it’s definitely a divisive color but when you look at the history of this announcement, you’ll find that most of the colors blend well together in palettes.  In the grand scheme of the colors below, the green is a necessary bright.


pantone greenery wedding

But let’s take a minute to check out the last 16 years of colors.   2016 had 2 – it was schizophrenic like the entire year it represented. Do you notice anything missing? Maybe a bright green? I’m calling a purple or a yellow for next year…Or black/grey depending on how 2017 plays out.

16 pantone colors of the year

But what do you think?  Will you use the color of the year?  Have you been using it during the same year it was introduced or are you using it later?

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