What’s the key to a wine country wedding?

What's the key to a wine country wedding


So, you want a wine country wedding?

It sounds so simple, you gather up your closest friends and family and tell them you’re  having a destination wine country wedding – Napa or Sonoma or Santa Barbara or Gold Country or Tuscany or New York or France…take your pick!  But some areas are easier than others and I’m here to give you some encouraging words for your wine country wedding in Napa or Sonoma.  The reality is, you have a lot of places to choose from – wineries, private estates surrounded by grape vines, beautiful resorts all decked out with world-class spas and Michelin-starred restaurants.  You can quite literally take your pick of the best wines and food offerings in the entire world and we would love to help you plan your wine country wedding!

Some things to know before you plan your trip out here, though!

  1. You’re going to want to hire a planner to help you with the process.  It may seem like a cost that you’re not sure you can afford, but a planner works as your advocate, your time manager, and your girl/guy Friday.  We know sites you won’t have access to, we can get timing and provisions that even if you ask, the venue or vendor won’t provide.  Not because they don’t like you or want you to be happy but because of relationships.  Everything in a wine country wedding is about relationships.
  2. If you hire a planner, you can make one or two trips out for the planning and not have to worry about “getting it right”.  A wine country wedding planner, that is one that is actually living and working in the wine country knows all the in’s and out’s of the laws of doing weddings here.  It’s not the same as a San Francisco wedding planner or a wedding in the Hamptons.  It comes with some rules, some regulations but they’re easy to circumnavigate!
  3. If you hire a planner before you go look at sites, they can help you spend your time looking at QUALITY wedding locations and not just QUANTITY wedding locations.  That’s important since the drive time between Napa and Healdsburg can be about 1.5 hours!  You want to see sites that fit what you’re looking for and what you want to spend.

We’re really excited about planning your wine country wedding and would love to chat with you more about it!   Please fill out the information request form below and we can get started by sending you some information!



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