Corporate Events and Fundraisers

Corporate Events & Winery Parties

Corporate events and winery parties allow us to really stretch our wings and create experiences for customers and employees that are unparalleled. Whether it be a harvest party to launch your new Cabernet Sauvignon or a non-profit event that raises money for your cause, we work with you to create the brand message and design the event seamlessly.

Winery Events, Corporate and Fundraisers

Winery Event Planner

Napa Winery Event Planner and Napa corporate event planner providing full-service event planning, full-service event design and event day coordination for wineries and companies in the wine country.  We provide full event design for wine release parties, harvest parties, Auction Napa Valley events and fund-raisers.  With a full team of floral designers and creative professionals at your disposal, we will take care of everything from theme development through the implementation of the event.  Our proposals include everything from inspiration images to rental order development and preliminary rental orders so you have a full idea of where the event direction early in the process.